Erasmus Placement Application Procedure

The online applications for Erasmus Placement students are open between
01 February - 15 March for summer term
15 April - 01 June for fall term and full year
01 September - 15 October for spring term
Please go to and register yourself. Then, you need to fill out the necessary information and upload the documents. Here is how to do it:
  • After registration, click the program you want to apply under "Select a Program to Apply" and fill out all the details.
  • Get a print out of the application, and complete the signatures.
  • After that, click "Applications" under "My applications" and click the folder icon at the rightmost column. In the new window, you need to upload:
  1. Transcript of Records
  2. Learning Agreement for Traineeships
  3. Passport copy
  4. Application form (signed/stamped)
  5. Language result/certificate
IMPORTANT NOTE! Please do not confuse" Erasmus Study" with "Erasmus Placement". If you are not sure about which program to apply please contact us or your local coordinator.
Nomination: All applicants must be nominated by their home universities through e-mail. We cannot accept any students whose nominations have not been sent to us.
Learning Agreement for Traineeships (LAT): Your LAT must be in two original copies and filled out on computer. Hand-written forms are not accepted! You can use the LAT form of Uludağ University which contains some of the necessary information filled out on our part.
Admission/Letters of Acceptance: We will send your documents to the respective departments and ask for their confirmation. After that, we will send your letters of acceptance to your international offices.
Courses: You have to contact your respective departmental coordinator at Uludağ University before you prepare your LATs. Medical students, in particular, have to contact Prof. Dr. Gökhan Göktalay ( before preparing their LATs.
You can refer to the list of the Erasmus coordinators.
Visa: Even though most EU citizens do not need a visa to Turkey, you have to get a visa if you are coming here as a student. Please consult the nearest Turkish mission in your country and ask about the visa procedures - after you receive your letters of acceptance. If you come without a proper visa, you may need to pay a fine to the foreigners' office.
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