Health Insurance

You need to have a proper health insurance to be able to apply for a residence permit. "Proper" does not mean the most expensive or public or state, etc. The rules for health insurance are as follows:
A. If you are citizens of the countries with which Turkey has special agreements and if you already have insurances, you can consult your insurance office in your city (or country) and ask for the related forms to be issued. The countries and the respective forms are:

Germany: T/A 11
Austria: TR/A 3
The Netherlands: N/TUR 111
Belgium: B.T 8
Romania: R/TR  3
Macedonia: MC/TR 4
Albania: AL/TR 4
Luxembourg: L/TR 3
Czech Republic: CZ/TR 111
Bosnia and Herzegovina: BH/TR 4
Serbia: SRB/TR 111
Croatia: HR/TR 3

Please get these forms as long as your period of stay in Bursa. Refer to 2015-2016 academic calendar to get the proper dates. 
Students from these countries do not pay any fees for insurance. But if you forget to get these forms, you may be subject to the rules listed in B.
B. If you come from countries which are not not listed above, you have 3 options:
1. You can start your health insurance in Turkey from the Social Security Institution (SGK). In this case you will need to pay a monthly fee of 45 TLs.
2. You can buy a private health insurance from any insurance company in Turkey. The prices vary but it could be a bit more expensive than the state insurance.
3. You can buy a health insurance from your own countries but we do not recommend this because your insurance policies need to be in Turkish and you will have to spend some time and money on translation.
In short, we advise you to choose option 1 or 2 but of course you are free to choose whichever option you like.
C. Turkish Students Living Abroad:
You will need to go through these steps, too. Since most of you live in Germany, you can get the T/A 11 form.
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